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Date Walnut Bread

Recipe of: Canada

Filed Under: Fruit

Prep Method: Bake

Base: Dates

Made with 16 Ingredients
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Tips and Hacks
Preserve your cheese longer by storing it in an airtight container with a few sugar cubes. This simple trick prevents molding, extending the cheese's shelf life, ensuring its deliciousness for many more days to come. You'll be able to enjoy your cheeses for longer.

Annatto Seeds Suggestions

Submitted by Emma R.
Published On: March 16th, 2024

Be sure to glove your hands when handling Annatto Seeds. They stain everything, which is what makes them a great natural food coloring.

Submitted by Emma R.
Published On: February 24th, 2024

This recipe is known as Recado De Adobo Colorado in Mexican cuisine.

Tested and True
Step up your veggie dip, instead of using a conventional serving bowl, use a hollowed-out red cabbage. Not only does it add a colorful and eye-catching element to your table, but it also serves as a practical and edible vessel for your favorite dip.

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