Egg Freshness: Sink Or Swim

To make sure your eggs are fresh and safe to eat, use a simple water test. Submerge your egg in a bowl of water: fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, while older, less fresh eggs float. This easy hack helps you determine quickly an egg's freshness before use.

The Science Behind This:

The ability of an egg to float or sink in water is a consequence of the air accumulating inside the egg as it ages. Eggshells are porous, which lets air gradually enter over time. When eggs are laid, they contain a small air cell. As the egg ages, more air seeps through the pores into the egg, increasing the size of the air cell.

This increase in internal air decreases the egg’s density. When the air cell becomes large enough, the egg will have enough buoyancy to float in water. Fresh eggs, with smaller air cells, remain denser than the surrounding water and therefore sink to the bottom.

How to Do It:

1. Fill a Bowl with Water
  • Use enough cold or room temperature water to cover the eggs you are testing.

  • 2. Submerge the Eggs
  • Gently place the eggs into the bowl of water. Be careful to lower gently to avoid cracking.

  • 3. Observe the Results:
  • If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies flat, the egg is very fresh.
  • If the egg sinks but stands on one end, the egg is a bit older but still safe to eat.
  • If the egg floats, the egg is old and may not be safe to eat. It’s best to throw out eggs that float.

  • Why Use this Test?

    Safety and Quality - This test helps you avoid using eggs that might have gone bad, ensuring the quality and safety of your recipes.

    No Need to Crack the Egg - You can test an egg’s freshness without breaking it open, allowing you to use only fresh eggs for your cooking and baking needs.

    Simple and Quick - It’s a quick hack that can be done any time you’re not sure about the freshness of your egg, especially if you don't pay much attention to the expiration date. But like we always say at Keldon's Cookery, when in doubt, throw it out.

    Kitchen Whisper:

    The water test for egg freshness isn’t just a kitchen hack, it’s a piece of cooking history. This method has been used for ages, because it was an easy way for people to make sure their food was safe to eat. It’s a timeless tip that continues to be handy, demonstrating how some of the simplest methods are also among the most effective.

    Like we always say at Keldon's Cookery, at the end of the day it really is all about the Smell Test. Give it a sniff, if it smells bad it will taste bad. When in doubt, throw it out.

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