Preparation Time - 10 Minutes
Preparation Method - Multiple Methods

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Deli Style Sandwiches

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Kagar K. | January 12th, 2024

Ingredients are for 2 Servings
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Qty Unit Ingredient
4 ounces Ham » thinly sliced
4 ounces Roast Beef » thinly sliced
4 tablespoons Cream Cheese » whipped
1 teaspoon Onions » chopped
1/2 teaspoon Chives » chopped
4 slices Rye Bread
Prep Time Process Time Overall Time
10 Minutes 5 Minutes 15 minutes

1. In a bowl, combine the cream cheese, onion and chives.

2. Toast the rye bread and generously spread on the cream cheese mixture.

3. Top with ham and roast beef and enjoy.

4. Delicious served with a crisp dill pickle.

Submitted by Kagar K. | January 12th, 2024 See all of Kagar K.'s Recipes.

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Keep your wooden cutting board clean and fresh, simply sprinkle coarse salt over the surface. Using a lemon half, scrub the board, letting the salt and lemon do the heavy lifting. Not only does this method clean, it also deodorizes, giving your board a fresh scent.
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