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Tips and Hacks

You can season a new frying pan by boiling vinegar in it before the first use.

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+ / - Recipe Name Rating Submitted By Ingredients Ethnic
Basic Chicken Stock Keldon C. 11 Canada
Braised Turkey Wings Keldon C. 10 Canada
Chicken And Celery In Oyster Sauce Keldon C. 8 Chinese
Chicken Broth Not Rated Keldon C. 6 Canada
Chicken Veggie Pie Keldon C. 17 United States
Cock A Leekie Soup Keldon C. 9 Australian
Cornish Hens With Autumn Fruit Keldon C. 15 Canada
Cure All Chicken Soup Not Rated Keldon C. 14 United States
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Tips and Hacks

To prevent cheese from molding, store it in an air tight container with a couple of sugar cubes.

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